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Bodily oddities. What are yours? I have two eyebrow hairs that are at least half an inch long. They look like antennae.

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Jacksmama Tue 01-Dec-09 00:44:33

Seriously, I have one in each eyebrow. I have to clip them or rip them out entirely, or they grow so long they sort of bow outwards and you can see them when you look at me sideways.

And then there's the single, translucent eyebrow hair that grows beside my left eyebrow. It's not white, it's whitish-clear. And it looks like nylon thread. Extremely bizarre.

Also, I have a single dark brown freckle on the tip of my left big toe. Highly visible in sandals (if anyone wants to bother looking at my toes, that is.) I've often been tempted to tattoo another one beside it, and a smiley mouth beneath.

Anyone else want to share bodily oddities?

DeeDee1977 Sat 04-Feb-12 13:43:06

I have something called geographic tongue, my mum had it too. I'm painfully embarrassed of it. I have white patches and quite deep fissures all over, and down the sides of, my tongue. It sometimes stings with particular foods, eg baked beans. I have to explain it every time I see a new dentist as they're always shocked, the last one thought the fissures were caused by me biting my own tongue?! I was so happy to discover my DD has a beautiful smooth, 'normal' tongue.

RoRob Fri 17-Feb-12 17:20:09

I always grow a single long hair from the top of my right shoulder...I pluck it but it always returns.

ginmakesitallok Fri 17-Feb-12 17:24:17

DD1 has a tiny hole at the top of her ear (don't know if she's ever even noticed it). Problem is it looks just like a huge blackhead and every so often I have to control myself and stop myself from trying to squeeze it....

I've got freckles in all sorts of places where I never knew freckles could exist

Gabeesh Sat 26-May-12 23:45:38

I once sneezed whilst eating egg fried rice and rice shot out of my ear. Once sneezed while drinking cola too and it came out of my nose.

Started developing a hairy chest (shame!) and have a permanently sore chin from plucking it every day - about 30 eyelash length hairs sprout overnight! Also have a patch of hair on my throat about an inch long - bit scared to trim them tbh.

Also used to have a third nip!

How much should I charge for admission?

lynseyclark Sun 23-Jun-13 11:48:32

my middle fingers bends outwards but only the top bit from second knuckle and upwards

i have a extra bone on the side of each foot

when i clean my ears i sneeze

also had 2 baby teeth where i had no adult ones to push them out but ive had them removed to make space for some freakishly large wisdom teeth

i can fold my tongue

and a few years back my mum started growing a horn lol well an extra bone sticking out of her forehead thou its been removed

there probably more im forgetting

im a freak i know

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