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Bodily oddities. What are yours? I have two eyebrow hairs that are at least half an inch long. They look like antennae.

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Jacksmama Tue 01-Dec-09 00:44:33

Seriously, I have one in each eyebrow. I have to clip them or rip them out entirely, or they grow so long they sort of bow outwards and you can see them when you look at me sideways.

And then there's the single, translucent eyebrow hair that grows beside my left eyebrow. It's not white, it's whitish-clear. And it looks like nylon thread. Extremely bizarre.

Also, I have a single dark brown freckle on the tip of my left big toe. Highly visible in sandals (if anyone wants to bother looking at my toes, that is.) I've often been tempted to tattoo another one beside it, and a smiley mouth beneath.

Anyone else want to share bodily oddities?

mankymummymoo Wed 02-Dec-09 20:05:33

there are two carriages.

5inthesleighbed Wed 02-Dec-09 20:12:08

I have a square mole, quick peculiar. I also have a blue freckle, which is the result of a friend stabbing me in the arm with a lead pencil at school.

My eyebrows are really horrible and bushy, and meet in the middle. I look like one of the Gallagher brothers if I don't wax them. When I was pregnant with each of my three kids, I had to get them waxed weekly shock. DH likes to call me Una Brow after the character in Austin Powers hmm

devonshiredumpling Mon 11-Jan-10 00:07:00

i have an odd birth mark on my tongue

ChilloSTOPFOLLOWINGMEhippi Mon 11-Jan-10 00:22:52

On your tongue, really? Put a picture on your profile!

VengefulKitty Sun 24-Jan-10 23:58:37

Eyebrows... well... I think I win.

BOTH f mine grow UP at the ends... so they have to be trimmed and plucked out and then the correct line pencilled in!

In effect, I have half eyebrows!

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 00:54:18

Or elf eyebrows Kitty!

giraffesCantCeilidhDance Mon 25-Jan-10 00:58:01

I can blow air out my eyes

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 01:04:19

WTF??? How???

giraffesCantCeilidhDance Mon 25-Jan-10 01:10:19

I found out as a child - was told to pop my ears and always said to my Mum I had to screw my eyes up or the air would just come out my eyes. She thought I was talking pish.

Anyway a few years ago I read/heard someone say they could do it too and I googled and found others able to do it.

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 01:12:44

Eeeeewww!! Weird!


BooHooMonkey Mon 25-Jan-10 01:15:06

I have a pixie ear, and my hands are freakishly small [hmmm]

crabsticks Mon 25-Jan-10 01:17:23

I can click my ears, i don't think its normal but I've never dared ask! Can anyone else do this?

VengefulKitty Mon 25-Jan-10 08:07:36

I can understand the eyes even though it is freaky - but clicking ears?!!!

Flower3554 Mon 25-Jan-10 08:43:42

Dh has a brown birthmark on one of his bum cheeks that looks like he's had an "accident", I used to try and rub it off when we first got togetherblush

I tripped jumping over a chair at school and ended up with an inch long scar above my eyebrow. I have to remove hairs from it or it looks like I have a double eyebrow.

DD2 was born with what looks like a bite mark just above her knee, it looks like individual teeth, like when you bite an apple, really freaked me out when she was bornhmm

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 25-Jan-10 09:24:07

I have extra bones

piratecat Mon 25-Jan-10 09:34:37

where my stretch marks are, on sides of tum, two fine hairs now grow out of each follicle instead of one, and if i pull, the 'spare' one comes out easily almost as tho it's not attached. v weird.

I have what me and my mum call 'pink' palms. On the fleshy part below the little finger towards wrist! Mum has it too, it's like a dark pink splodge, quite different from the rest of my palm.

mawbroon Mon 25-Jan-10 09:39:52

I have a heart shaped uterus.

And an enormous bladder. I almost overflowed the grey paper hat thing in the commode when I was in hospital last week.

And after being in hospital last week, I now have a 73mm plate, 4 short screws and 2 long screws holding my broken ankle together.

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 16:07:58

Where are your extra bones Pfft? (Fascinated.)

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 25-Jan-10 20:50:53

In my neck, Jack. Sounds freaky but I didn't know about it until I was 15.

One of them is split. I will probably topple over when I turn 50, no good to anyone. grin

MavisEnderby Mon 25-Jan-10 21:01:18

I have weird multicoloured eyes.the irises are green in the centre but going toward the edge they become hazel.To cap it all around the outer part of iris I have a black line.I also have brown speckles like freckles in my eyes.


trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 21:04:19

Message withdrawn

trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 21:05:36

Message withdrawn

mawbroon Mon 25-Jan-10 21:36:56

LOL trefusis - I have a freckle inside my belly button too! I had no idea until it popped out with ds. smile

SixtyFootDoll Mon 25-Jan-10 21:41:06

I have a white 'square' on my front tooth
I have a mole on my neck that loks like a coco pop stuck there

Beauregard Mon 25-Jan-10 21:50:06

I have very thin ears .Dp likes to affectionately refer to them as paper ears.

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