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if all major retailers started making and marketing their own condoms and keeping their same slogans ...

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borderslass Fri 27-Nov-09 07:36:14

Sainsbury Condoms - making life taste better.

Tesco Condoms - every little helps.

Nike Condoms - Just do it.

Peugeot Condoms - The ride of your life.

KFC Condoms - Finger, Licking good.

Minstrels Condoms - melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

Coca Cola condoms - The real thing.

Duracell condoms - keep going and going.

Burger king condoms - Home of the whopper

[edited by admin] condoms - no comment required.

Muller light condoms - so much pleasure, but where's the pain

Halford condoms - we go the extra mile.

On-digital condoms - plug and play!!!!

Royal mail condoms - I saw this and thought of you.

Andrex condoms - Soft, strong and very very long

Ronseal condoms - does exactly what is says on the tin

Ronseal quick-drying condoms - its dry and waterproof in about 30 minutes

Domestos condoms - gets right under the rim!!!(ouch! sorry!)

Heineken condoms - reaches parts that other condoms just cannot reach

Carlsberg condoms - probably the best condom in the world.

AA Condoms - for the 4th emergency service

Pepperami condoms - it's a bit of an animal

Polo condoms - the condom with the hole!!! (very poor seller!!!)

For those that remember esso condoms - put a tiger in yer tank

Opal Fruit Condoms.....Made to make your mouth water!

Bounty condoms...A taste of paradise!?

The for a long stretch

The Yorkshireman....tight as they come!

The B&Q...ideal for do it yourself.

The Harpic...for getting around the bend

The Credit Card Condom: "Your flexible friend" or "Don't leave home without it"

The Yellow Pages Condom: Let your fingers do the wa*king

The Cillit Bang Condom: Bang! And the conception is gone!

DollySistersBrothersFatherXmas Tue 04-Dec-12 09:36:59

Boots condoms - Here cum the girls

Pinxit Tue 04-Dec-12 09:41:56

Mumsnet Condoms - By Parents For Parents wink

GoldPlatedNineDoors Tue 04-Dec-12 09:45:45

Belvita Condoms - fuller for longer

Pringles Condoms (for virgins) - Once you pop your cherry you just can't stop

BettyPJones Fri 07-Dec-12 12:07:53

oh my grin

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