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helsi Sun 05-Jun-05 00:02:43

a man cam home with a sheep under his arm.
His wife was in bed early as she always is and the man went upstairs, opened the bedroom door and said "this is the pig I sleep with when you have a headache".
"It's not a pig it's a sheep" said the wife.
"I was talking to the sheep" he said.

JoolsToo Sun 05-Jun-05 00:03:53


I woman goes into the butchers and says
'Have you got a sheeps head?'
'No' he says 'its just the way I part my hair'


helsi Sun 05-Jun-05 00:05:39

A man goes to a French restaurant and says "have you got frogs legs". "No" says the waiter "it's just the way I walk!!".

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