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Duck song - my 4yo loves this :-)

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melpomene Mon 15-Jun-09 00:07:34

Duck song

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 08:44:39

A bit too American for me! I bet my ds will love it thou. We're into Rolf Harris at the momemt so who am I to talk. Ds loves 'Jake the Peg' & 'I lost my Mummy' Sorry I'm too old to figure out how to do a link. Thanks this will bring a smile to Ds. grin

melpomene Mon 15-Jun-09 10:00:33

We have those Rolf Harris songs on a CD, Starbear :-)

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 17:27:31

He is a 'born again' star to me as I love watching Ds laugh. It must be the same for you with the Duck song grin

Starbear Sat 20-Jun-09 08:58:09

Ds loves the duck song! I now have to admit to DH that I'm on here all the time as Ds wants to show DH the duck song!

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