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Old Lady Joke

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Kidstrack2 Sun 17-Apr-05 09:13:44

My great aunt who is 74 called last night as she had just heard a new joke. Here goes: A very polite young woman goes to see her GP as she has a very embarrasing problem, how can I help said the doc, oh said the lady my vagina keeps making awful noises like singing, singing said the doc yes thats exactly what it is said the polite lady. can you describe any words said the doc? yes said the lady it sings 'I'm on my way to amirillo' Oh said the doc its fine I can reassure you every CUNT is singing that song! Needless to say I was rather shocked at my aunt!

BubblesDeVere Sun 17-Apr-05 09:17:53

i like it, very good.

Hermione1 Sun 17-Apr-05 09:52:10

i haven't laughed so much in ages, ty. lol.

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