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To fellow insaniacs...........

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RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 20:20:47

I thought I should just say byeeeeeeeeeee

We are off on holiday tomorrow

We {includes all of my alter egos btw}

TO Los Angeles to DISNEY and UNIVERSAL etc.

We will be back on Tuesday 12th April

My TV duties are going to be done by RTMTMML

I hope everyone will be kind to her

mummytosteven Thu 31-Mar-05 20:21:13

have lots of fun

be nice to Mickey Mouse!v

RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 20:23:07

Thanks MTS

wobblyknicks Thu 31-Mar-05 20:27:45

Byee, have a fab time and try not to start wondering about whether we know about the repeat of Desperate Housewives and the latest Panorama!!!

coppertop Thu 31-Mar-05 20:38:09

Have a fantastic time!

RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 20:45:41


WigWamBam Thu 31-Mar-05 22:13:26

Have a lovely, lovely time all of you. Alter-egos included!

I'm not jealous ... I'm not jealous ...

RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 22:19:42

Thanks WWB

Will try to keep them under control

WigWamBam Thu 31-Mar-05 22:34:52

It's no fun if you keep them under control ... they need to run free!

RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 22:54:29

I will see how they are when we get there

I am not sure how to explain them to Immigration

They have no passports or visas

Do you think if I said WigWamBam says they need to be free so they can have funfunfun

It will be ok?

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 31-Mar-05 22:56:42

Oohhh you lucky luck devil

Have a great time

Can't stop got to go to bed before I fall asleep with my head on laptop!

coppertop Thu 31-Mar-05 23:01:13

You can't leave without visiting the threadkillers thread, NBG.

MissWhiplash Thu 31-Mar-05 23:07:34

If WigWamBam says it then it has to be true and everyone will respect it

JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 23:14:41

kiss bye bye

MissWhiplash Thu 31-Mar-05 23:16:12

Lovely, Jools

RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Mar-05 23:28:27

JT Thanks

NBG and MW

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