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Going always back to the same error. Things you will never be able to learn...

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Chandra Thu 03-Mar-05 11:43:51

Whenever I'm in a hurry I jump in the car, buckle my seat belt and realise the wheel is on the right hand side (and I have been living in England for six loooong years )

Any one?

Dior Thu 03-Mar-05 11:44:55

Message withdrawn

alicatsg Thu 03-Mar-05 11:46:02

that, no matter what my good intentions, we will always finish the bottle.

Mothernature Thu 03-Mar-05 11:46:14

I keep telling customers to 'Bear with me' a no no as far as work is concerned...

colditzmum Thu 03-Mar-05 11:53:58

That in order to get up bright and early, in a good mood and get a headstart on the day, I must go to bed both early and sober

colditzmum Thu 03-Mar-05 11:55:34

That the house will not be clean when I get back from the park if I haven't cleaned it ..... trips to the park have become a housework avoidance method

Chandra Thu 03-Mar-05 11:59:03

I should add that if while worried about something I dare to open the fridege, I will eat anything there's inside. Why I keep opening the fridge at such times I would never know.

Fastasleep Thu 03-Mar-05 12:01:55

Thing #1 ... that no matter how many times I get pasta out of the top cupboard and root around for tomato puree in the bottom cupbaord I will always leave the top cupboard door hanging open and bang my head on it on the way back up... I even knocked myself out doing this once, and I still haven't learned! *Puts the tomato puree somewhere else * lol

Chandra Thu 03-Mar-05 12:09:49

LOL fastasleep

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