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apologies before I start...!

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laurawaterford Fri 15-Aug-08 20:00:51

A lady goes into hospital to have cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of her rather tired and middle-aged vagina.

Later, she comes round from the operation to find three lovely bouquets of flowers on her locker.

She asks the nurse who they are from. The first is from her husband "Can't wait to get you home darling, speedy recovery."

The second is from her best friend "Hope all went well. get well soon"

The women asked who the third bouquet was from.

"The man downstairs in the burns unit" the nurse replied "he says thanks for the pair of ears"

MegGriffin Thu 21-Aug-08 21:22:56

Very Funny grin

Dragonbutter Thu 21-Aug-08 21:24:12


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