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Are you Ok BUNGLIE? We miss you

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RTKangaMummy Sat 12-Feb-05 20:55:01

Are you Ok Bunglie?

We the Insaniacs are missing you

wobblyknicks Sat 12-Feb-05 20:56:39

Hope you're ok and not having too bad a time, hope to see you around soon. Lots of love, miss you xxxxxxxxxx

WigWamBam Sat 12-Feb-05 20:57:16

Yep, come home soon, Bunglie, we miss you. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

RTKangaMummy Sat 12-Feb-05 20:59:07

I keep seeing PS on TV and want to tell you about it

WigWamBam Sat 12-Feb-05 21:01:08

It gets lonely around here without someone to be silly with.

coppertop Sat 12-Feb-05 21:01:47

I always think of Bunglie when I see PS. Even if it's just a picture in the paper I find myself wondering whether it's now on Bunglie's wall somewhere.

Hope you're okay, Bunglie. xxx

wobblyknicks Sat 12-Feb-05 21:02:50

ct - if I see a pic in the paper I always wonder if Bunglie was somewhere behind the camera waiting to whip PS back to her love nest.

WigWamBam Sat 12-Feb-05 21:03:36

I can never think of photocopiers these days without thinking of Bunglie trying to hide PS behind one ...

coppertop Wed 16-Feb-05 12:03:11

Has there been any news yet? Where are you, Bunglie?

RTKangaMummy Sat 19-Feb-05 20:59:43


Oh Bunglie

Come out where ever you are

wobblyknicks Sat 19-Feb-05 21:00:13


If she doesn't come back soon I'll have to cry

AuntyQuated Sat 19-Feb-05 21:03:53

does anyone have her email addy?

wobblyknicks Sat 19-Feb-05 21:04:09

I don't, I think beety does.

AuntyQuated Sat 19-Feb-05 21:05:05

i do, if you'd like me to email her for you.....???

wobblyknicks Sat 19-Feb-05 21:06:07

Ah right, yes please if you wouldn't mind, just to let her know we haven't forgotten her!!!

RTKangaMummy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:06:43

AQ yes please

KM xxx

AuntyQuated Sat 19-Feb-05 21:11:57

OK - have done - and pointed her in this direction

hhheeeelllooo BUNGLIE

wobblyknicks Sat 19-Feb-05 21:12:38

Thanks AQ!!!

RTKangaMummy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:13:17

Thanks AQ

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Feb-05 11:37:16

AQ has she replied?

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Feb-05 11:49:08

nothing yesterday but will check now.....

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Feb-05 11:50:05

oke doke

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Feb-05 11:50:13

no there isn't a reply. hope she is ok and just too busy with rl

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Feb-05 11:51:52

ok Thanks for trying

Hope she will be back soon

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Feb-05 11:57:27

i think i have her home address somehwere; did have it once; i will pop her a card if i find it.

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