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Funny Quotes 2

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fuzzywuzzy Tue 08-Feb-05 14:33:27

1. "She was good at being Inacrticulately Abstract for the same reason that Midgets are good at being short." (Clive James on Marilyn Monroe )

2. "I knew right away that Rock Hudson was gay, when he did not fall
In love with me." ( Gina Lollobrigida )

3. "Someone threw a Molotov Cocktail at Dean Martin once, and he
Drank it." (Johnny Carson)

4. "Dean Martin's acting is so Inept, that even his Impersonation of a
lush is Unconvincing." (Harry Medved)

5. "What makes him think, a middle aged actor, who had a Chimp Cast as
Supporting actor, could have a future in Politics?"
(Ronald Reagan on Clint Eastwood's bid to become Mayor of
Carmel, California)

6. "Moving from Wales to Italy, is like moving to a different Country."
(Ian Rush)

7. "I've seen George Forman Shadow Boxing and the Shadow Won."
(Muhammad Ali)

8. "Leon Spinks Thinks Tactics is a new kind of Mint." (Mike Tyson)

9. "The first 90 Minutes of a Football Match, are the most
Important." (Bobby Robson)

10. "We've lost 7 of our last 8 matches. The only team we've beaten
Is Western Samoa. It's a good thing we didn't play the whole
Samoa." (gareth Davies)

11. "The Internet is a Gateway to get on the Net." (Sen. Bob Dole)

12. "It Isn't Pollution that's harming the Environment. It's the Impurities
In our Air and Water that are doing it." (VP. Dan Quayle)

13. "I haven't committed a crime. What I did was fail to comply with the
Law." (David Dinkins, Former Mayor of New York City)

14. "A Committee is a group of people, who individually can do nothing,
But together can decide that nothing can be done." (Fred Allen)

15. "It is wonderful to be here in the Great State of Chicago."
(VP. Dan Quayle)

16. "Some are Born Great, some Achieve Greatness, and some Hire a P.R.
Officer." (Daniel J. Boorstin)

17. "It's cleary a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it."
(George W. Bush)

18. "ONE word sums up, Probably the Responsibilty of any Governor,
and that ONE word is: TO BE VERY PREPARED."
(George W. Bush)

19. "What I am against is quotas...I am against hard quotas...Quotas,
they basically delineate based upon 'Whatever'...However, they
Delineate, Quotas...I Think...Vulcanize Society...So I don't Know if that
Fits into what everybody else is saying...Their relative position, but
that's my opinion." (George W. Bush).

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