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RADIOTIMESKANGAMUMMY - did you see Des O'Connor today???

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wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 21:55:37

He's on every evening at 5 for a WHOLE HOUR!!! You can drool over him for ages!!!

WigWamBam Wed 02-Feb-05 21:56:32

Ooooh, Kanga, your dream come true!

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 21:56:51

oooh those eyes


coppertop Wed 02-Feb-05 21:56:58

Fwooarrrgghh! Who could resist that perma-tan?

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 21:57:28

the white bits are so cute

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 21:58:21

You want him don't you KM???

ManicMonday Wed 02-Feb-05 21:58:52

Actually I think Des is a love-god and I am saddened that you see fit to take the mickey out of him like this.

coppertop Wed 02-Feb-05 21:59:43

I'll fight you for him!

<handbag at the ready>

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 22:00:44

I'm so sorry MM, I just had to make sure RTKM knew he was on every day and wouldn't miss valuable oggling time. Sorry to offend any of his fans

ManicMonday Wed 02-Feb-05 22:01:14

I can spot a piss take when I see one. This is one.

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 22:01:17

but robbie will be sad

I couldnt do that to him

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 22:01:54

RTKM, don't worry, I will look after him well

WigWamBam Wed 02-Feb-05 22:02:37

Join a cult where they allow polygamy.

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 22:02:43


you stay with HJ, PS and SB

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 22:02:44


you stay with HJ, PS and SB

WigWamBam Wed 02-Feb-05 22:02:48

Or is it polyandry?

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 22:03:02

I am my own cult, any good looking men are instantly eligible.

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 22:03:23


WigWamBam Wed 02-Feb-05 22:03:31

You are your own what? I need my eyesight checking ...

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 22:03:57


RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 22:04:37

oops got it wrong again did I??????

wobblystarryknicks Wed 02-Feb-05 22:04:53

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 22:05:38

WigWamBam Wed 02-Feb-05 22:10:27

KM - get thy bottom onto MSN quick

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 22:12:06


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