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kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:06:12



kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:09:15

here better

kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:09:58

Joshua Jackson and Patrick Stewart play actors at different ends of a career on the stage in David Mamet's bittersweet comedy.

popsycal Tue 04-Jan-05 20:10:25

joshua jackson as in pacey!?!!?

wobblystarryknicks Tue 04-Jan-05 20:12:18

(thanks for getting the right name this time KSM!!!)

kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:17:57

I couldn't do it to you again WSK

but it would have been funny BUT cruel

wobblystarryknicks Tue 04-Jan-05 20:18:29

and you know i would have bitten you and given you rabies!!

kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:19:43

wobblystarryknicks Tue 04-Jan-05 20:31:53

(btw, have I offended the insaniacs, that they won't even come in my bar for a free drink or shot of gerbil fur?)

kangasantamummy Tue 04-Jan-05 20:33:53

don't usually go to the bar WSK

wobblystarryknicks Tue 04-Jan-05 20:36:17

Ah, ok - I'll let you off then!!!

kangasantamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 14:46:52

bunglie no idea where you live but I thought you may be interested in this

It may tour the country

If you cannot go you could write to PS c/o theatre and he may reply or even send a signed photo

Bunglie Wed 05-Jan-05 15:05:42

OOh! My Patrick Stewart <swoon>
I will have to check my social diary.....
But I already have a signed 8 by 10 photo of him framed. Does that make me sad?

I heard him talking about it on TV during an interview for some arts programme, it sounded quite good, because he is of course classicaly trained (or so he says), I just love that voice, the bald head, oh and the uniform not forgetting that trim shaped figure....he is just <swoons again>.......

kangasantamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 15:08:08

thats brill bunglie I thought you might just be a little bit interested

btw not sad to have signed photo

WigWamBam Wed 05-Jan-05 16:38:56

Oh yes it is ...

<runs for the hills to escape the wrath of Bunglie>

WigWamBam Wed 05-Jan-05 16:39:00

Oh yes it is ...

<runs for the hills to escape the wrath of Bunglie>

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