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The New, Improved, Hutch for Small Furry Animals (and coppertop)

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WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 21:58:02

Here you go ... a small nest of insanity and ridiculousness that even Coppertop can join in with

Over to you, ct ...

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 21:58:39

Hehehe (sorry, my first post had to be manic laughter)

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:00:04

<<scampers in to inspect the new cage>>


WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 22:00:16

So what's new!

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 22:01:05

There's even a little wheel for you, ct, so if it all gets too much you can run around in manic circles getting nowhere fast.

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:02:38

I want the wheel! I want the wheel!

<<tests it out quickly>>

Oooof! Should've put my glass of Baileys down first.

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 22:05:04


Now who's going to clear up that spunky mess?

Wobblyknicks ... it's your turn

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 22:05:45


<is too tipsy to realise she shouldn't be cleaning it up so gets out the mop>

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:07:02

No need for a mop. Can't waste precious Baileys.

<<licks the wheel and floor clean>>

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 22:07:42

Spunky mess and bollocks in consecutive posts ... methinks we're getting a little smutty here ... (where's bonkerz?)

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 22:11:02

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 22:14:20

Smut in this lovely new cage?

<<faints with shock at such shenannigans>>

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 22:15:05

Yeah right ct!!!

BunglieOnTopOfTheChristmasTree Thu 30-Dec-04 16:55:51 lot go off...leave me and don't even put a link...well How inconsiderate can you get?

Shift over CT I want a lick....Hic!

That's better...wheel is a bit squeeckie...Ooops! sorry I left a gerbil in it...

Now what is the order for the day.....

Hmmm...Why did I not get a nice bed like this one in my cage...

I am going to flounce I think...I want the last flounce of the year


PS...Hippy New year Insaniacs...

Oh and I love you all and why did WWB get a prize...I want one and my tanker is nearly empty and ....and....and...snore...ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

BunglieOnTopOfTheChristmasTree Thu 30-Dec-04 17:18:40

Now we have a new cage please can I have a new jacket...this one is a bit gnawed....and WWb spilt her pimms on it and WSK set fire to it (she thought I would make the BBQ go with a bang on Boxing Day....but then realised I was still in it so it has a few singe marks!)

Well....CT wot u get for chrissy then....I got a personal masager, or is that massarger...oh tech please give me a spell checker {coy}

oh we wish you a merry christmas and a hippy New (hic) (burp) (pardon me ) New Year...

and we we all want some more voddy,
And we we all want some more voddy
And we all want some more Voddy,
So bring the Tanker now

hic Hic![shock}

I am saving all my Christmas Cracker jokes to put here......but I have to be able to focus first...

BunglieOnTopOfTheChristmasTree Thu 30-Dec-04 17:20:24

<Bunglie sprays anti-smut spray>

....just coming Patrick............

WigWamBam Thu 30-Dec-04 18:10:10

Tanker's here, Bunglie. And there's a nice little sedative coming for you, too.

PS: It's massager. Why you need a spellchecker when you've got me, I shall never know

coppertop Thu 30-Dec-04 18:24:44

<<crawls out from the pile of straw in the corner>>

Helloooo fellow cage-people!

My Chrissie pressies were all free of smut potential. Lots of booze and smelly stuff.

Did you see the Padders Stewart thread started especially for....erm....WK? She'll never live it down.

WigWamBam Thu 30-Dec-04 18:29:54

I know ...

Are you sure bottles of booze and smelly stuff are free of smut potential? Throw a few glassfuls of the booze (or the smelly stuff, she won't mind) at WK and I'm sure the potential for smut will suddenly get much, much higher

coppertop Thu 30-Dec-04 18:49:19

<<quickly stuffs the booze under an enormous pile of elastic that seems to have appeared from nowhere>>

Shall we set up a "Bunglie Bungee"?

WigWamBam Thu 30-Dec-04 18:58:50

Shucks, I thought I'd got rid of all that elastic where no-one would ever find it. I can just imagine Bunglie bungee-jumping from her plastic box over Mumsnet Towers, wheels set to turbo-drive (I wrote throb drive then, wonder what I was thinking of?), mouse grasped firmly in hand and rabbit in full throttle

coppertop Thu 30-Dec-04 19:26:57

PMSL! A rabbit-powered Bunglie with elastic attachments!

WigWamBam Thu 30-Dec-04 19:35:32

Ooh, I just had a hot flush at the thought

I feel all funny now, I shall need to have a lie-down to get over the shock.

wobblystarryknicks Fri 31-Dec-04 07:52:37

PMSL!!! Bunglie, I'm very sorry about the fire incident but I did give you two mice and sit you in a corner to help you get over it.

WWB won a prize because it was chatting to her on msn that got me to go on Friends Reunited that day and if I hadn't, I wouldn't have got a certain email and if I hadn't my date would have been off. As it was, it was off anyway but that's not wwb's fault!

Bunglie - you can have a sack of gerbils and other animal goodies instead, ok?

Bunglie Sat 01-Jan-05 16:28:24

Thanks WK! But I do not need a any gerbils now I have CT in here to play with me

A Bunglie Bungee....NOOooo

Thanks for the has made CT hyperactive....what was it?

A Rabit powered what...Bunglie....

I would like to wish all the Insaniacs a very Merry NEW YEAR

PS. where is this P.S thread...?????

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