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mumsnet anonymous!!

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KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:08:19

Aero Sun 07-Nov-04 21:10:28

lol Kanga - think I should be a founder member!

jnbsmum Sun 07-Nov-04 21:10:33

MY name is jnb and i've been addicted for 3 months [insert uncontrollable crying]

WigWamBam Sun 07-Nov-04 21:12:21

OK, I'll start shall I.

My name is WigWamBam and I'm a Mumsnetaholic.

My house hasn't been cleaned for a month, my husband thinks I'm having an internet affair and my daughter thinks I work on the computer. My RSI has never been worse and still I can't kick the habit.

It's the first thing I think of when I wake, the last thing on my mind when I go to bed.

I'm an addict.

ladymuck Sun 07-Nov-04 21:17:07

Isn't having this thread on mumsnet a bit like having an AA meeting in a pub?

KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:17:17

My name is kangermummy and I have been adicted since june 2004,

all DH hears is on mumsnet soandso says .......

no housework, or anythiing gets done

I even dreamt a solution to the parking of mans merc car last night!!!!

I have tried to stay away today because of having to do a project on computer with DS that I should finish before bed

I have been staying up until nearly 2am on mumsnet.

KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:18:11

lol ladymuck

KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:19:23

BTW I do NOT want to leave

I LOVE IT !!!!!!

WigWamBam Sun 07-Nov-04 21:20:22

Even when you want to leave ... and I did, I really did ...

you still can't leave.

jabberwocky Sun 07-Nov-04 21:21:36

I am a fellow addict although I did manage to stay off for almost a week while on holiday . It has been such a relief to find a community that has real life answers/opinions to all of the issues that come up now that I never even dreamed of before I got pregnant!

coppertop Sun 07-Nov-04 21:22:21

In the beginning you tell yourself that it's just a phase you're going through and that the novelty will wear off. Next thing you know you're celebrating your mumsnet anniversary and still just as addicted. There is no escape......

jnbsmum Sun 07-Nov-04 21:22:26

Dh is thinking of divorce on the grounds of i spend more time on mumsnett then with him. In rl We have had more arguments over it than over anything else
My children also think i work on the computor
Is it a sign of bad parenting

mummytummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:22:43

You're not giving us new ones much hope!

WigWamBam Sun 07-Nov-04 21:23:48

There is no hope.

It's like the Hotel California round here. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave ...

KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:25:38


WigWamBam Sun 07-Nov-04 21:26:47

It's true though, km - go on, deny it if you can ...

KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:28:16

NO wwb speaks the truth,

I even tell DH to be quiet when I am concentrating on a long thread or post.

jabberwocky Sun 07-Nov-04 21:32:03

Today I was typing out a message and heard a creak in the living room. DS had pried the front door open and was about to go out for play!

coppertop Sun 07-Nov-04 21:32:08

It gets worse though. You can find yourself logging on at Christmas while everyone else is pulling crackers (fnarr!) and eating turkey. And you'd be amazed at just how many people are on here on New Year's Eve.

WigWamBam Sun 07-Nov-04 21:33:17

Is it a sign of complete addiction when the idea of spending New Year's Eve on Mumsnet is really, really appealing??

MarsLady Sun 07-Nov-04 21:33:22

Hi I'm MarsLady. I am addicted. My friends and family know that I'm addicted because I quote mumsnetters more than anyone or anything else. No-one can call anymore because we don't have broadband. I try to sleep but I dream mn and wake up waiting to get onto computer to read and post. Would ask for help, but don't want it. lol

jnbsmum Sun 07-Nov-04 21:35:30

Its really a big cult. Trying to get everyone addicted. There should be a warning on the home page


KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:37:11

I am thinking of getting a laptop so when we are away for christmas I can still log on

half term was terrible as I didn't have computer with us

KangaMummy Sun 07-Nov-04 21:38:06

lol jnbsmum

WigWamBam Sun 07-Nov-04 21:39:30

Although I've just flicked across to Chat and they're talking about being bored, eating Marmite flavoured crisps, and getting rid of the hard skin from your feet.

Is this what I'm addicted to?
Is this what I've become?

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