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Go build me an ARK then

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whomovedmychocolate Thu 27-Sep-07 19:24:44

One day, God speaks to Noah. 'Noah', he says, 'I want you to build another Ark.' 'What, like the last one?' asks Noah. 'Yes' replies God, 'Except this time, I want it to have 14 decks.' 'And shall I lead all the animals into it, two by two, like last time? says Noah. 'No, this time I only want you to lead fish into it'. Noah is a little puzzled. 'Just fish?' he asks. 'Yes' says God. 'In fact, just carp.' 'Just carp? Why carp?' Noah quizzes. 'Well,' says God, 'I've always wanted a multi-storey carp Ark'

2Happy Thu 27-Sep-07 20:03:09

<<groan>> grin

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