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Lets celebrate IVGLDSW day!!!

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AbRoller Fri 27-Jul-07 14:08:47

for all us VGLDSW on MN

MamaG Fri 27-Jul-07 14:12:41

God I hate these fecking emails

AbRoller Fri 27-Jul-07 14:13:33

Why? I thought it was funny

MamaG Fri 27-Jul-07 14:17:06

I just get loads of them and they just bug me! When I open them, I think oh bog off

Sorry NOM

FireFaerie Fri 27-Jul-07 14:17:14

I found it highly amusing too

AbRoller Fri 27-Jul-07 14:19:33

No worries, I know what you mean actually. I'm getting about 7-10 unauthorised e-mails to my private address every day and it's really beginning to piss me off.

No offence taken

MamaG Fri 27-Jul-07 14:20:15


yogabird Wed 01-Aug-07 21:51:08

i liked it too

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