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Most inappropriate jokes from your kids?

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nemoni Fri 05-May-17 19:58:27

It's Friday & I've had enough of politics for today...

My 10 year old has just told me his latest repertoire of jokes (from school apparently) including:

'Your mum's so hairy when you were born you got carpet burn' blushshocksmile

What's the most inappropriate jokes from your kids that have had you choking on your coffee/stiffing giggles etc?

IamHappy1976 Fri 05-May-17 20:04:17

Sorry - that made me chortle all over my braised leeks! We are still on the "what's brown and sticky?" level! Thanks!

elQuintoConyo Fri 05-May-17 20:08:57

That's vile coming from a 10yo.

TheRealLemonLyman Fri 05-May-17 20:20:15

Thats hilarious.

myvoiceitmadeanavalanche Fri 05-May-17 20:24:54

When my little brother was 5, he happily told our Dad "Daddy, there's a party in my pants and you're invited".

I've no idea where he heard it - we didn't have a TV in the house growing up!

DrizzleHair Fri 05-May-17 20:25:47

My 3 and a half year old's favourite joke is to ask for jam in her vagina.

It's breakfast for context - we ask what she wants on toast. She says with a 3 year old's cheeky grin that she wants her vagina. Or peanut her bum.

Then she says 'that was a joke'


Patriciathestripper1 Fri 05-May-17 20:28:34

Daughter: went to the zoo today...... it had only one dog...,
It was a shit zoo
(Shih Tzu)

Fruitcocktail6 Fri 05-May-17 20:29:55


Ooh I love that!

working925 Fri 05-May-17 20:36:10

Drizzle - my daughter wouldn't have know the words!!!

Christmastree43 Fri 19-May-17 17:43:32

Drizzle - My little cousin used to come up and whisper in your ear 'thumb in your bum' 🙈 Even to dad/ grandad etc

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