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Exposed to shingles - what's the likely outcome?

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confusedofengland Sat 02-Jan-16 11:08:15

I've just found out that our (adult male) friend who was round here for New Year's Eve/Day has shingles. Apparently he's had it since Christmas Eve but didn't realise sad

DH has already had chicken pox & shingles. DC aged 7,4,1 have not had chicken pox yet. I have had chicken pox as a child. What, if anything, is likely to happen? Obviously we can't do anything about it now but at least I can watch for possible signs.

Hoping that our friend gets better quickly, it's his birthday soon, too sad

confusedofengland Sat 02-Jan-16 11:09:07

Oops, meant to put this in Chat!

NoahVale Sat 02-Jan-16 11:26:11

nothing, i dont think

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 02-Jan-16 11:38:41

I don't think shingles is contagious

dementedpixie Sat 02-Jan-16 11:39:52

You can get chicken pox from exposure to the shingles rash. If no direct contact with the fluid from the blisters then nothing is likely to be passed on.

RoseDog Sat 02-Jan-16 11:42:06

You can catch chicken pox from shingles if you touch the fluid in the blisters, so unless they were poking at the fluid/blisters they will be fine.

CuttedUpPear Sat 02-Jan-16 11:45:02

Nothing. DD has just had shingles and we're all fine.

whatdoIget Sat 02-Jan-16 11:48:38

Nothing unless you're exposed to a weeping blister

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