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Anybody have any weird phobias?

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FuzzyScuzzbucket Wed 11-Mar-15 21:54:17

There's a couple of things that freak me out. Sunflowers scare the bejesus out of me. Its like they are staring at me with a huge black eye... Also grass/flowers that grow above head height. Pampus grass makes me shudder. And when the moon is huge and orange. I can't stand to even look at it like that. It gives me the creeps

HootyMcTooty Wed 11-Mar-15 21:58:10

Yes, but if I mention it here I will certainly be outed in RL. Let's just say it's a phobia of a totally harmless (apparently) every day object which cannot be avoided. The sight of them makes me feel sick.

Apparently the phobia is quite common though and I would imagine someone at some point will come along and admit to it on this thread, and will probably be mocked ridiculously for it (as I am in real life).

Justmuddlingalong Wed 11-Mar-15 22:04:35

Oranges, satsumas, clementines etc. I can eat them if someone else peels it. I can't stand the skin and the thought of the pith under my nails makes me boak. Fine with lemons and limes. Skin is crawling just typing this. Bleugh!

flagnogbagnog Wed 11-Mar-15 22:07:44

Not really a phobia, but creeps me out - the special film you get on new things like mobile phones, watches and tablet screens. Needs to be removed immediately!

Ratbagcatbag Wed 11-Mar-15 22:12:56

I'm curious hooty, please share.

I have that tripophobia one and stickers. Stickers make me feel weird, and I have met not one other person who feels the same. sad

HootyMcTooty Wed 11-Mar-15 22:19:48

I have a feeling it's linked to trypophobia, but it is also a phobia in it's own right. I'll say if someone else comes along and admits to it grin

Allstoppedup Wed 11-Mar-15 22:27:29


Just envy boak

Even the thought of it touching me makes me want to scrub my skin raw.

RunnerKite Wed 11-Mar-15 22:29:12

Suede. Ugh.

Pixa Wed 11-Mar-15 22:32:05

Frogs. blush

Lindor Wed 11-Mar-15 22:33:15


KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 11-Mar-15 22:33:40

Hard boiled eggs , especially eggs chopped up in a cup. I get the sweats , saliva and feel sick .

Bolshybookworm Wed 11-Mar-15 22:33:56

Sponge, particular the stuff that's inside matresses and furniture. Always try and get my husband to change the mattress protector on DDs cot mattress as I can't stand touching the stuff <shudders>

Advicewouldbehelpful Wed 11-Mar-15 22:36:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LongDistanceLove Wed 11-Mar-15 22:36:29

Cracks in things creep me out. Like cracked plaster, and vases with cracked varnish. shudder

LancashireTea Wed 11-Mar-15 22:36:38

Butterflies. Evil fuckers. Been terrified of them and moths since I was taken to butterfly world as a child.
My SIL has a phobia of buttons. And my gran is afraid of feathers.

HootyMcTooty Wed 11-Mar-15 22:39:12

advice it might be blush

thefirstmrsrochester Wed 11-Mar-15 22:40:04

Polystyrene. The look, the feel, the lightness, the squeaking noise.
<dead faint>
When I encoubter any, the feeling of dread washes over me.
I worship at the altar of bubble wrap.

Butterflywings168 Wed 11-Mar-15 23:02:43

Birds. Everyone thinks this is weird - how can you be scared of pretty tweeting little birdies? No. I hate them. They make me shudder, evil beady eyes, scaly claws, ewww fuckers envy shock sad DM tells me it dates back to when I was small and she took me to the zoo - apparently some birds kicked off right in front of me.

FirstNames Wed 11-Mar-15 23:10:37

Ketchup. Ew ew ewww. If my DP has had it on his plate I can't wash the plate. Luckily my DS doesn't like it either!

AlpacaMyBags Wed 11-Mar-15 23:22:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummylin2495 Wed 11-Mar-15 23:25:06

Anything that feels rough , like a Brillo pad and cotton wool.

AgentProvocateur Wed 11-Mar-15 23:26:34

Polystyrene for me too. And when you a buy an electrical thing and it's tightly packed in polystyrene then the box..... Shudder.

kokodebut Wed 11-Mar-15 23:39:55

Terrified of Butterflies and moths. Can't stand them.
My worst phobia are Ladybirds, I came home and the front of the house was covered with ladybirds. I was just stuck outside the house, unable to go through the front door. Had to go round the back instead blush
Now in the winter, ladybirds keep coming into the house. No matter how many times I kill or put them outside the window, they come back, it's like they are immortal. Quite a few times, I've been on the computer, turned my head and its on my shoulder, screamed each time. Horrid.

CunningCat Wed 11-Mar-15 23:40:38

Trypophobia, hearing someone brushing their teeth!!!

kokodebut Wed 11-Mar-15 23:42:50

Also, I don't like looking out the window at night. It freaks me out, and I have to close the curtains before it gets dark. Have no idea why but if the curtain is open a crack, I can't sleep peacefully. I think it's because I have a fear of being burgled or someone's face on the other side.

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