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Out Of Context

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The idea of this thread is to copy and paste anything you have read in the MN forums which you thought funny because it has another meaning (rude or otherwise).

Please don't post the screen name of the OP or which thread it comes from (although the context of what was meant to be said might help see the humour in context.)

This isn't a poking fun at posters thread, it's an outlet for those of us with a naughty warped sense of humour.

"I have provided a lot of end of life care in the community"


"...and have been with patients when they died several times."

shock grin

My nan was a hooker and taught me a few tricks.

I just think that one is worth sharing with the non-crocheting world.

"Mind you, I'm a very lazy hooker"

"I'm an enthusiastic hooker, at the moment"

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