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Another wonder about having another one???

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girlafraid Wed 09-Sep-09 12:58:31

Not looking for any answers - just opinions....

I have spent my life being described as a career girl with lots of people making assumptions that I would not have children or would rush back to work. 9 months into mat leave and I love it - I love love love my DS and love being with him all the time. I have loved every stage (not to say it hasn't been hard at times) but wonder if I've just been lucky as he's such a happy busy little boy? People tell me I've been lucky but he did have colic 1st 12 weeks and I had a horrible crash section so sometimes wonder if they aren't denigrating my happiness a little iyswim

Anyway... I would like another - love babies and just want to do it again. I'm 34 and wondering if there's any point in waiting and whether we should just see what happens

I do wonder if I could love another baby as much and worry that another baby might not be so "easy". I'm also happy staying at home and don't miss the stress of work or commuting at all - but could this change? Particularly when mat leave is over and friends go back to work....

Just wondering if anyone has any similar experiences??

lovechoc Wed 09-Sep-09 20:56:23

I say go for it. I'm still 'trying' for no2 and it's not happened yet, been trying for months now and DS is 2.5

So many people leave it for the perfect age gap, whatever that is, but sometimes it doesn't work that way. Personally I say go for it, you may fall straight away, but it may take weeks or months.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 09-Sep-09 21:42:22

I have one child and won't be having any more, so I have no first hand knowledge of how one adapts to having a second child. But everyone tells me - and I've heard it on MN too - that when the baby arrives so does a whole lot of love and there's plenty to go round.

As for the staying at home, I loved it at first but found it got more difficult once friends on ML went back to work. We were lucky, though, that our area has lots of activities and facilities for parents and babies, so there was always something to do. I now work part-time which works well for me.

Good luck!

Allyinoz Wed 16-Sep-09 04:20:21

Sound like you love being a mum! I think you have to go with your own experience, you can't second guess everything. I didn't like the baby stage and had pregnancy issues.

However 2 years on I would like another. I wouldn't leave it too long, it is heart breaking to have fertility problems.

I like working and do so PT. You just have to work out what works for you and the family.

merrymonsters Sun 04-Oct-09 16:28:13

You sound like you should go for it.

I would only say that when you have the next baby, you will also have a toddler (lovely in many ways, but different and more active than a 9 month old baby) and you will have to learn to juggle between the two. It will be very different from the experience of having a first baby.

It's lovely when they start to play together. My third baby has grown up in a very noisy house (two older brothers) and it's funny to think how quiet the house was for my first baby.

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