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Onlies: We're not the newest topic (or smallest) anymore!

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amandathepanda Fri 09-Jan-09 18:23:46

Just noticed that, as of today, there is a new topic called My Little Pony for pony owners and wannabees grin. They're getting some gibes - as we did when we first campaigned for and got - our onlies topic. So I'm going to pop over and wish them well - wonder if they'll convert one of their stables into a tea room...

Racingsnake Fri 09-Jan-09 22:15:04

Feel impelled to book immediate riding lessons to show solidarity.

BoccaDellaVerita Fri 09-Jan-09 22:24:32

Wondering whether there is a horse strong enough to take my weight. blush

Amanda - Pleased to meet you. Would you care to drop into the tea room? Everyone is welcome there. We are having a publicity drive and tonight we are offering mulled wine and a range of unhealthy tasty snacks. There may be dancing later.

SwedesInACape Fri 09-Jan-09 22:25:48

Hello - I've just come over from the My Little Pony topic to tell you all that we are offering free riding lessons to siblings of those paying full fees.

Gunnerbean Fri 09-Jan-09 22:26:56

But surely all the mothers posting there will have only children won't they because everyone knows that all only children own a pony...

SwedesInACape Fri 09-Jan-09 22:28:45

Gunnerbean - Silly me. grin

BoccaDellaVerita Fri 09-Jan-09 22:48:21

Swedes - I thought you might have dropped in to claim your free muffin. We new topics have to stick together, I think.

<<Doctors BabyBocca's birth certificate to show that she and Gunnerbabe are siblings, to benefit from BOGOF deal on riding lessons.>>

SwedesInACape Fri 09-Jan-09 23:07:13

LOL - it was meant to be a joke of course the sibling discount.

I have to make a confession. I often look in on this thread as I am one of four girls and I have four children. I used to dream about being an only.

BoccaDellaVerita Fri 09-Jan-09 23:29:02

Swedes - Well, yes. As was the tampering with the birth certificate. If I had thought you were serious, I might have pointed out that this really is not the right place to go offering sibling discounts!

You are welcome (of course) to look in here whenever you choose. Why not come to the tea room, claim your free muffin and tell us about your chldhood dream of being an only child?

<<Tries not to sound pushy.>>

SwedesInACape Fri 09-Jan-09 23:34:35

I thought you migh all be angsting about how to wrap a half eaten Milky Way.

BoccaDellaVerita Fri 09-Jan-09 23:36:57


<<dense emoticon>>

SwedesInACape Fri 09-Jan-09 23:41:01

I would have loved the idea of keeping a half Milky Way in the fridge without a sister eating it and then denying all knowledge so that you have no idea who to be cross with.

SwedesInACape Fri 09-Jan-09 23:47:33

Anyway night all. Sorry if the half Milky Way thing sounded clumsy. I meant it kindly.

teafortwo Fri 09-Jan-09 23:47:38

Interesting - I remember when I moved away from home, and therefore my sister, I took great pleasure in being able to save my best yogurts in the pack until last instead of scoffing them as quickly as possible before my sister found them! I wonder if onlies revel in the joy of being able to do stuff like that or do they just take it for granted!?!

- for more interesting conversations like this... head for the tearoom!!! grin

BoccaDellaVerita Fri 09-Jan-09 23:51:56

The half Milky Way thing wasn't clumsy at all. Just a little too subtle for me to figure out at this time of night!

Swede Sweet dreams.

(As you see, my sense of humour tends towards the obvious.)

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