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Can single men adopt?

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Freddythefrog Tue 06-Jan-09 15:05:09

What are the laws about single men adopting? I have a sound finanical backing, but I am single. Can single men adopt, who not?

I am not gay, but got on well with my former partners child, so I feel I would make a great dad. Any views will be greatly appreciated?

LilRedWG Tue 06-Jan-09 15:07:57

"A single person, or one partner in an unmarried couple - heterosexual, lesbian or gay - can adopt. Since 30 December 2005 unmarried couples in England and Wales can apply to adopt jointly." is from here.

Hope it helps.

Freddythefrog Tue 06-Jan-09 15:09:51

coool. do you know of any single and straight men who might have done this, if so, how did they get on?

BoccaDellaVerita Tue 06-Jan-09 19:06:12

Freddy - You might find more single men with experience of adoption if you post in dadsnet, adoption or lone parents. Good luck!

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