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Anyone else a single parent with twins?

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meandjoe Thu 01-Jan-09 11:18:14

blimey, sounds like very very hard work! i only have one 16 month old and i feel frazzled most days! could you not ask surestart for some more help? or a local college? they sometimes have very good childcare students who are wanting to get experience so doesn't cost anything.

do you have any time to yourself when the children are in bed? i always make sure i give myself a little treat like a gass of wine or a chocolate bar or something so i have some relaxing time in front of the tv and something to look forward to.

do you have any friends that you could invite over to spend time with you and the children? sometimes 'diluting' the role of mummy by having other adults to interact with and help entertain ds is the only way i get through the bordom and sheer exhaustion of it all! good luck, i really don't know how you do it but well done, must be very hard.

BoccaDellaVerita Wed 31-Dec-08 23:00:09

Bodgejob - That does sound tough! You might get more advice from others in your situation if you post in lone parents.

Good luck and happy new year.

servalanempressoftheuniverse Wed 31-Dec-08 20:20:06

Not in your situation bodgejob but god I feel for you- I have ONE 20 mth old boy and a 4yo and god knows I struggle to get them out of the house- so bump for you.

bodgejob Wed 31-Dec-08 20:15:08

I'm frazzled! Twin boys are 20 mnths old and have older son who is 4 . My family don't help much and ex is useless which is why I left him 8 mnths ago. I have a homestart volunteer once a week but it isn't enough. Finances are tight so cannot afford childcare for twins. HV suggests toddler groups but going anywhere with the twins is a major mission and I'm just bloody shatterd. I'ts the school run again next week and I'm dreading getting 3 kids out of house for 8 every day again. HELP!sad

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