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do people ever ask your dd/ds if THEY would like a sibling?

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BodyBagReadyForaNewYear Sun 28-Dec-08 23:40:12

and what did you reply if they do?

Gunnerbean Mon 29-Dec-08 00:46:50

No, not in my own personal experience.

If they were to though, I know exactly what my DS's reply would be and that would be that he wouldn't want one.

Podrick Mon 29-Dec-08 18:33:18

How many children do you have BodyBagReadyForaNewYear and why do you ask?

Littlefish Mon 29-Dec-08 18:53:58

No, and the day that they do, they will be quietly taken on one side and told not to be so ignorant or insensitive! smile. My new year's resolution is not to feel bad or sad when people ask me when we will be having another (dd is 4), but to turn the tables, and make them feel guilty for asking! It's none of their bloody business!

BoccaDellaVerita Mon 29-Dec-08 19:36:49

Nobody has ever been that crass or insensitive.

sumomum Mon 29-Dec-08 20:04:01

Yes, my mum shock. I was speechless and v. pissed off!

BoccaDellaVerita Mon 29-Dec-08 20:12:18

Sumomum - How inappropriate! Sending you a hug or supportive pat on the arm, depending on your taste.

cmotdibbler Mon 29-Dec-08 20:15:10

People have said this to DS - he likes babies, and when peering at the siblings of children at nursery it has been said. I just cheerfully say that he is more likely to get a dog.

Mimia Mon 29-Dec-08 21:03:33

No and if they did she would tell them that she wouldn't like a <pull appropriate yuck face> baby to come along.

Hulababy Mon 29-Dec-08 21:07:58

Yes they have and it isn;t great. I know DD would love a sibling - but how do you explain to a 6y why they can't have one?! It hurts enough to know I don;t seem to be able to giveDD a little brother or sister, when I know she'd be a fab big sister, so it bugs me. I do think it is an inappropriate question to ask a child.

SnowMuchToBits Mon 29-Dec-08 21:16:36

It hasn't happened to us yet, but I know that if it did, my ds would say no. He has never wanted a sibling. I do think it would be insensitive to ask though.

bettyxmas Tue 30-Dec-08 19:41:09

yes - quiet a lot really, considering she is an ex-prem born at 28 weeks..............
she always replies by, no i would rather have a dog.

doesnt bother me to be honest,

Gunnerbean Tue 30-Dec-08 19:50:05

Not quite the same thing but this has made me remember a comment my aunt once made that she probably wished she hadn't...

A couple of years ago, I was discussing with my aunt her plans for Christmas. My cousin's wife had given birth to their second child a couple of months previously and she said to me of them, "they've asked me to spend Christmas with them this year, they asked me last year too but I didn't go but I think I will this year now that they're a proper little family"

I think it was out of her mouth before she'd realised just what she'd said and how it sounded. I could have ignored it but I couldn't resist asking her what she meant and watching her squirm wink

yawningmonster Tue 30-Dec-08 19:55:50

I am actually finally having another one but for approximately 2 years have had this from several people including everytime we saw mil. Ds now thinks having a baby is the envy of the world and is like some sort of massive treat we are providing for him (which in some respects is lovely but am worried that the reality of a new baby will be a bit of a crash.

MrsMattie Tue 30-Dec-08 19:58:57

My 3 yr old didn't stop pestering me and DH about a brother/sister before and during my pregnancy.

He told me he wanted to put his 6 wk old sister in the bin a few days ago.

I don't think the changing whims of young children are a good thing to base your family size on!

MrsMattie Tue 30-Dec-08 19:59:52

Sorry, didn't see that this was in One Child Families.

BoccaDellaVerita Tue 30-Dec-08 22:07:28

MrsMattie - There is no border control here and mothers of more than one are welcome!

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