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Thinkin of leavin

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bellatoo Sat 13-Dec-08 18:52:54

I am thinking of leaving. I get grief that I have a good job, that I don't want sex all the time, he shouts about so much stuff, he speaks to me like I'm an idiot and I am just fed up. He has told me in past 6 months he feels like killing himself, he keeps on about getting married. I just can't live like this anymore and now I know his dad I doubt it will get better. It's like he feels crap so he wants me to. I love my dd and want me and her to just live alone. I am scared that I am being unreasonable and that lone parenting will be too hard. Help??

leoleomakingalist Sat 13-Dec-08 22:33:46

Better to be tired, happy and alone than miserable and together.
I know how you feel - the first line is my life at the moment - I heard the above statement recently and it rings true with me.

christmasteafortwo Sun 14-Dec-08 00:17:04


daydreamermum Sun 14-Dec-08 11:51:57

I'm a loan parent, have been from the start and it is hard but there are always people to help.

You may also find that time apart will make you better friends and thus better parents in the long run.

Good luck. grin

FairyLightsForever Sun 14-Dec-08 11:59:42

It is sometimes tough being a single parent, but it will be so much better for you and your DD if you split- you don't want her growing up seeing you treated that way.
It isn't always tough either, when I'm cozied up on the sofa, in sole control of the remote, or with the TV off and reading, just enjoying the peace, I realise how good my life is grin

christmasteafortwo Sun 14-Dec-08 20:54:25

bellatoo - good luck in whatever decision you make. x

TreeandMistleJoe Sun 14-Dec-08 21:03:33

i'd rather be single and struggle slightly but have a happy, contented child then be together, unhappy and have a miserable insecure child who sees her mother being disrespected. remember that however your dd sees your relationship with dp will inevitable shape her own expectations of her future relationships. ask yourself one question.... would you be happy if in the future your dd was in a relationship like this?

whatever decision you make it will be hard but you will have lot of support and i know many people who have thrived on being a single mum and actually found it a lot easier rather than treading on eggshells around a partner who disrespects them. good luck xxxx

BoccaDellaNativita Mon 15-Dec-08 09:45:50

Bellatoo - Lots of good advice here already, but have you told your partner how you feel? Is he aware of the effect his behaviour is having on you (and your daughter too)? Does he realise how much is at stake here?

You might get more replies if you post too in lone parents or relationships.

bellatoo Thu 01-Jan-09 14:45:30

Thanks everyone will let you know x HNY

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