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Looking for a pen pal for a 6 year old

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karise Mon 24-Nov-08 16:58:11

Does anyone know where I could find a reliable pen pal for my daughter?
She suggested the idea & if she can find someone with similar interests etc I think it would be a good idea!
I've done a search in google but there are so many websites I just don't know where to start hmm
Has anybody used any of these sites & do you think they're a good idea?

UnfortunatelyMe Mon 24-Nov-08 16:59:20

what about a MN penfriend?..someone will sure to be along with a 6 year old in a minute!

more Mon 24-Nov-08 17:01:32

Does it have to be an overseas penpal?

karise Mon 24-Nov-08 17:50:38

Not overseas, just someone very advanced with their reading who might enjoy the same book characters etc.

karise Mon 24-Nov-08 17:52:13

She's a country girl so the main idea is to broaden her horizons by writing to somebody from a different background!
Maybe somebody fron the city?

BoccaDellaVerita Mon 24-Nov-08 18:27:40

bumping for you

Hopeoverexperience Tue 25-Nov-08 11:36:51

What books / interests does your little girl have? Were you thinking of e-mail contact or pen & paper?

karise Tue 25-Nov-08 19:50:40

Not sure really! Was hoping to find somebody that already does it for advice.
She loves reading, gymnastics & playing the piano- just not sure how to go about finding the right pen pal for her

MmeLindt Wed 26-Nov-08 09:50:08

My DD does not read and write yet (we are in Switzerland so they start school later) but I think she might be interested in having a pen friend. I would read/write the letters for her at first.

She is 6yo, loves drawing, horses, climbing and dogs. She also loves reading books (well, having them read to her at the moment)

She is a bit sad at the moment as we recently moved to Switzerland from Germany (where she was born) and is finding the transition a bit difficult. She does not speak French yet so it is hard for her to really integrate in the school.

If you are interested, CAT me.

frannikin Thu 27-Nov-08 09:43:59

I have a 7yo boy (not actually mine, my charge) who loves reading and plays the piano. He reads and writes and would love to have a pen-pal if she can cope with a boy!

frannikin Thu 27-Nov-08 09:44:41

ETA we're in Paris and he's also an only child.

stickytape Fri 28-Nov-08 20:29:54

My dd is nearly 6. We live in central London and she loves to read and write. Let me know if you are interested. I think my dd would enjoy a pen pal.

Oh, and she loves playing the piano too!

Hulababy Wed 10-Dec-08 22:30:06


My DD is 6y and in Preprep 2 (Y2 equivalent). She loves in Sheffield, on the edge of the city. Her reading is very good. She enjoys a whole range of books and loves writing. She enjoys drama, singing and is about to start piano lessons after Christmas.

She would love other children her age to write too.

Sossy Thu 11-Dec-08 01:26:52

What a fabulous idea! My 7 yr old DD would love a pen friend!

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