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we are a one child family and we love it

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spottyzebrahasthelurgy Sat 08-Nov-08 22:42:58

seems pretty perfect to me.

twentypence Sun 09-Nov-08 06:19:01

I think my one child family is perfect too.

But I also think my friend's 3 child family is perfect.

spottyzebrahasthelurgy Sun 09-Nov-08 11:46:29

i hope everyone gets the number of children they want. smile

RebeccaMulan Sun 09-Nov-08 12:06:06

Well, they don't. Some can't have any children, some not as many as they'd like. Others have more than they would have wished.

spottyzebrahasthelurgy Sun 09-Nov-08 12:11:10

we always have hope smile

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