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Money, money, money!

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rebelmum72 Sat 08-Nov-08 09:37:45

Was just wondering how much your financial situation is a factor (if at all) in the decision to have only one child?

I don't think I want any more children, but if that ever changed, it would make quite a difference to us financially, mainly because we would sooner or later have to move into a bigger place as ds's room couldn't fit another bed in it!

Also, although it's a long way off still, we would like to be able to consider sending ds to a private school (depends on what the education situation is at that time - things are changing here in Germany, hopefully for the better), which I don't think would be an option if we had two or more.

It's not the major factor in whether we want more children or not, but it's something to consider (for us, anyway).

What about you?

trixiethepixie Sat 08-Nov-08 11:58:38

It's a factor for us. That and medical reasons as I had problems carrying him.

With me no longer working full-time there is no way we could afford it. Basic food and energy bills are getting far too expensive. If we stick at our ds we could live a comfortable enough life and I can get back to work once he reaches primary school age.

meandmyjoe Sat 08-Nov-08 13:24:02

We could just about afford another but I just don't want one. I don't think we should have to justify the reason for not wanting more than one (not suggesting this is what you are doing btw) but in rl, people are ALWAYS saying "ooo when's the next one planned for then?" as if it's just expected that everyone will wasnt more than one. I love kids but I also can't wait to get back to work as ds grows up and I don't really want to put my life on hold again, not yet anyway!

meandmyjoe Sat 08-Nov-08 13:24:40

sorry, WANT not wasnt!

BoccaDellaVerita Sat 08-Nov-08 13:58:22

It was one of several considerations for us, as having another baby would have meant a lot more medical intervention, paid for privately, with not great chances of success. If I'd been younger, and the odds had been better, maybe we'd have bitten the bullet and written the cheque.

stellabgh Sat 08-Nov-08 17:06:34

If money was no object I'd be more likely to have another child. I also want to consider private school and would struggle with one lot of fees let alone two!

DontCallMeBANG Sat 08-Nov-08 20:56:23

Not an issue here. We're alright for now, and future financial stuff (like funding university) is a 'benefit' of only having one child, not a reason for only having one.

poshtottie Sat 08-Nov-08 21:22:07

I would have another child if we had more money. Am sending ds to private school and we couldn't afford to send two.

Money isn't the only reason though but it would help!

spottyzebrahasthelurgy Sun 09-Nov-08 12:06:51

not really a factor for us.

carrielou2007 Sun 09-Nov-08 22:05:41

Well I am a single mum so no more for me!! I can manage working and will send dd to private school (she is 22 months) but could not manage if I had two. I would not WANT to work with two, could not pay morgage and childcare etc but as I have no boyfriend and get no maintence from dd dad will be very very happy just sticking with one!!!

PerkinWarbeck Sun 09-Nov-08 22:14:40

it's a factor, but not the deciding one. I have been poor (and indeed was the last of three children in a very poor family), and don't have the ability to romanticise having no money, in the way that someone who has never been poor might.

childcare for two would mean that I couldn't afford to work. and whilst people go on about babies costing very little, children do want more as they get older.

I'm not referring to material possessions, but enriching experiences such school trips, perhaps music or sports clubs, pets, holidays or university education. I know that children don't wither away without the above, but I would like my DD to have as many of these as possible.

TBH I think that most people allow their finances to have (a small) influence on the size of their families, whether they stop at one, two, three or more. My Dsis has two, and was horrified by a pregnancy scare, not because she didn't want a third, but she knew another child would make it nigh on immpossible to manage financially.

ealingkid Mon 10-Nov-08 13:16:07

Definitely a factor. Cost of living is so expensive already and nursery fees for my first child went up 20% this year!

It's ridiculous how much it costs to raise a child in this country.

Botbot Tue 11-Nov-08 22:01:24

Definitely a factor for us too. Can't afford two lots of childcare, so would have to wait until dd is at school, and I'm thinking of going freelance then (so I can work from home and not have to pay for before- and after-school childcare) so I won't have a particularly stable income either. We were planning to move to a 3-bedroomed place this year but haven't because of the financial climate, and I think we'd struggle with two children in our little 2-bedroomed flat. And my company has been taken over since my last pregnancy and only offers basic SMP, so we'd struggle financially during my maternity leave. And we haven't been able to save any money while we've been paying for childcare for dd, and have spent most of our savings on things like broken boilers etc.

I'm happy with one child, but I can't help thinking that if money were no object, I'd have had another like a shot sad.

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