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What about when your only thinks another one is coming?????

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Bucharest Wed 05-Nov-08 20:50:50

Dd is 5.....2 of my closest friends (and coincidentally the mummies of her best friends, have had their second child this year, and another is due any day....Without ever going into it with dd, she is kind of presuming that any minute now, a baby is going to miraculously appear...

It isn't bothering me, particularly, and at the moment it isn't bothering her (but that's because she definitely thinks a baby brother is on the way....) I'm just musing that she might be in for a big disappointment, and thinking that I can't remember feeling that way (I'm an only)...just wondered really if any other only families have this? (and trying to think of sensible threads to discuss under the topic shock

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Wed 05-Nov-08 21:44:16

My daughter is 7. She used to say quite often that she'd like a baby sister. My first reply was that, sadly, mummy and daddy couldn't have any more babies. That didn't cut much ice because, as far as she knows/assumes, if you are married and live in the same house then babies will keep appearing (as you can see, we haven't yet had That Talk). But when I pointed out that if we were to have another baby there was a 50% chance of it being a boy she lost interest in the project!

She has, though, appointed her friend's little sisters and her godmother's daughter as her honorary sisters. As we also have adoption in the extended family, I like the idea that your family is what you create for yourself rather than just what you are born with or into.

MaureenMLove Wed 05-Nov-08 21:57:53

I wouldn't worry about it. She'll soon realise, when her mates are moaning about their siblings getting on their wick, she's lucky not to have a sibling! grin

I sadly, had to disappoint DD quite badly twice. I had 2 ectopics, quite late on, so she already knew she was going to be a big sister and then it was taken away from her.sad However, I was a childminder for most of her pre-teen age and she was oh so grateful when they went home and she got to play with/do/watch exactly what she wanted and didn't have to share!grin

zazen Thu 06-Nov-08 10:08:16

My Dd wants an older sibling!

I told DD that before she was born, she was a star, and she sang to me to tell me that she wanted to be born, and that I haven't heard any other stars singing to me. She's happy with that.

Pawslikepaddington Thu 06-Nov-08 10:10:19

My dd tells everyone she has/is getting a baby brother. Thankfully I'm not the right shape to be getting "when is it due?" questions, but it can get v embarrassing as I am a single mum with no man in sight-it makes me look a bit less moral than most! grin

feedthegoat Thu 06-Nov-08 22:33:19

I've got a few friends or mums i know from playgroup who've had babies recently. Ds doesn't seem keen on idea of a baby himself but is slightly obsessed with the idea that there's a baby in my tummy. gives me a prod every now and then (not sure exactly what he's expecting to find) but soon forgets when i tell him it's not so.

soosy Tue 11-Nov-08 21:52:22

DS 3 asked about siblings when friends had their babies, but actually he is really happy about being a only and seems to be aware that another child in our family would mean less attention for him. He does, however want a dog, which he will have when we move from this tiny rented house. Pawslikepaddington LOL!

muggglewump Tue 11-Nov-08 22:02:17

DD thought this once or twice when she was younger, she has also told people I'm pregnant before, I'm also a single mother!
I was actually asked once if I was pg as DD had told their DD. I thought it hilarious, the other parent seemed to think DD had told a huge hideous lie. She was 5 and didn't get the baby thing ffs!
Anyway as time has gone on I went from saying there'd be no babies as there was no Dad around and now she pretty much knows the truth, that I only wanted one child and I've had an operation (sterilisation) so I can't have any more.
She's fine with it, she never really wanted a sibling, just seemed to think that I might randomly give birth one day hmmgrin

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