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I'm not coping.....

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Kezzaza Tue 26-Nov-19 15:32:12

I know all moms and dads have these days but I feel like I'm having one of these months/years. My son is 2 and pushes my buttons till I lose it. I'm crying more than I used to and today it was in the Sainsbury's car park!! I must have looked like a typical mom having a breakdown.

I sometimes sit and think that maybe I'm not meant to be a mom and that I should have carried on with my career and become a career women. Now I work part time and housewife. This is not how I saw my life.

I then feel guilty because I love my son but I'm really struggling to cope. I'm always crying, I'm shouting like a fisher wife and life sucks!!!

mamamiaow Thu 28-Nov-19 13:59:45

Sorry to hear you are feeling like this. The transformation from single life to motherhood is really tough. One minute you could do whatever you liked and then that life has gone.

Sometimes you need to remove yourself from the room when you feel yourself losing it. Perhaps take a moment to regulate your breathing and ground yourself. I remember feeling like this too. I thought I was a crap mother and not cut out for it, regularly questioned what I'd done.

My child is now older and I am separating from the dad and I won't be able to see her every day. In the last few months the mother bond has been the strongest I've ever felt. So you are a good mother, your thoughts and behaviours are perfectly normal. It's just that some mums portray this perfect life. I doubt it exists. If you are going to shout, get yourself away and just do deep breathing instead. Return when you've calmed down. It will get better.

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