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CocoPixieBindi1 Wed 28-Aug-19 01:29:41

I have a DS who is 10 years old and I had never considered another baby as I had a terrible pregnancy/ birth experience. I was on anti sickness meds for severe morn sickness, I had vertigo which I was also on meds for. At 12wks pregnant my scan detected a large ovarian cyst, this continued to grow rapidly throughout my pregnancy but I was constantly dismissed by the hospital staff for any concern I had, I was terrified after a scan showed my cyst was ‘complex’ but still the hosp wouldn’t allow me to elect for a c-section even though there was a risk of rupture during natural birth and my baby was measuring very large.
Cut a long story short after a 27 hr labour at 41wks I was rushed for an emergency c-sec as my baby was stuck and I felt like my back was about to snap in half. I was put under general anaesthetic and woke up hours later to see my 9lb 5oz baby boy and a bucket containing a 6lb ovarian cyst. This was later staged as a 1A mucinous tumour. My Fallopian tube and ovary had been removed and I was cut vertically externally and both vertically and horizontally internally. Luckily my baby was healthy, I however went on to suffer from severe postnatal depression and was on 150mg amitriptyline for 4 years. I was referred for corrective surgery to my stomach twice as I have significant diastis recti but was turned down due to funding.
And now ten years later I long to give my DS a sibling and I can’t believe I’m even considering it. I just don’t know how I could think of going through anything like that again. Feel like I’m in limbo.

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