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Going from 1 to 2, two different dad's?

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shan155 Sat 24-Aug-19 18:48:47

My DD is now 6 years old, and I'm feeling super broody!

I've been with my partner for four years, he's been absolutely amazing with taking on DD. He's been more of a father figure to her than her bio dad has, he has very little to do with her - his choice. My partner and DD have an amazing relationship. He's recently just moved in with us and we couldn't be happier.

So, now I'm feeling SO broody. But im absolutely terrified to have another again!

Having been a single mum, it's hard.. I struggled! Although I know this time round, say if me and my partner were to split up, I know he would be amazing dad and wouldn't walk away from our child. But I can't shake that 'what if' feeling.

Then there's the whole 'two kids by two different dads' thing. Is it really a 'bad' thing? Do we need to be married first before we consider having a baby? To 'do things properly', as everyone is always telling us to do.

Then there's the worry... What is like going from 1 child, to 2.. with a larger age gap?

I know everyone's children are different, and experiences are different too, but I just feel like I have SO many questions and worries about making the decision to have another child, I just wanted to see what other mums experiences were?

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