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17 year old violent unruly daughter

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netmumtalks Wed 31-Jul-19 10:49:55

My daughter after various talks and all has decided to not listen to men and went missing for a whole night while I came to know she was at a party . I got very upset and on her return asked the police to take her to her dad as I can't take her abusive behaviour anymore .

Her dad had no contact for many years and there was a court order in place but my daughter started meeting him almost six months ago .

Just want to know I am doing Thai she knows and sees how good I have tried to provide her and she should stop being so irresponsible.

Could this al have any legal implications for me?

Am I still obliged to provide for her while she is in her dads house?
Please advice .

Brain06626 Thu 01-Aug-19 03:19:31

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EmbarrassingMama Wed 07-Aug-19 18:40:38

A 17 year old going out to a party all night is pretty common behaviour for a teenager. I think throwing your daughter out, refusing (I’m assuming from your post) to pay to support her financially and making someone she has a court order against look after her is callous to say the least.

Is this a wind up?

Marshmallow91 Wed 14-Aug-19 22:34:31

How does going to a party make her violent? hmm

SockMachine Thu 15-Aug-19 00:53:43

Ok, netmumtalks, I can see you have been posting about your daughter having gone off the rails over the last year..

I would sit tight and wait for a while. She may think she can have some sort of brilliant life at her fathers but it will probably wear off, mutually.

And eventually she will come back home.

It does sound as if you are both very volatile with each other. It’s hard parenting teens because while they do need boundaries you need to also negotiate with them and allow them increasing freedom as young adults.

She may now be quite frightened of what she has done with her life , hsvjng wrecked her apprenticeship etc and may need some calm supportive reassurance to get herself sorted out again. You do need to let her learn from her mistakes rather than being authoritarian.

I don’t know about any legal implications. What was the court order for?

netmumtalks Fri 16-Aug-19 13:41:10


Her father had no contact with her and where he had he dumped at his in laws who chain smoked that effected her health . Eventually she grew up and after 8 years gap started seeing him again.
I know I had it not been him I would have had no choice but to put up with the behaviour but thankfully I could send him to a safe place . I am hoping it's safe because now he has own kids and he himself stopped smoking etc .

I have started having small short talk with my daughter to let her know am here .

The only thing is I don't think she realises she has blown various good opportunities. She seems to just go on and on just party and seeing friends everyday and no actual aim.

I will let her be with her dad . Not sure what I will do if she asks me for anything because I cut down on her money when I saw what it was being used for .

Please pray for me and hope whatever brought you to this thread gets responded too .

Love x

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