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How do you know when your ready for number 2

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BooseysMom Mon 01-Jul-19 19:12:09

Omg, You have had a time of it! What did they say was causing it? Sounds like asthma or similar. You must be exhausted..Hope DS gets well soon and you get some rest

FirstTimeMummyDS88 Mon 01-Jul-19 16:24:14

He had a cold for a few days but was fine in himself, it was around 6pm last Tuesday and he was sat in his highchair in just his nappy as he was demolishing some of his leftover birthday cake and I noticed when he was breathing his whole tummy was sucking in harshly. I rang the out of hours doctors and they sent an ambulance out. When we got to the hospital his sats were 83 so he's ended up in hospital on oxygen as everytime they took him off his oxygen his sats dropped again. He's now home on inhalers every 4 hours

BooseysMom Mon 01-Jul-19 15:19:22

@FirstTimeMummyDS88... oh no! So sorry to hear that. What happened? Hope he's ok? x

FirstTimeMummyDS88 Mon 01-Jul-19 08:05:36

She's been in hospital with her DS for the past 5 days and only got out at 10pm last night

BooseysMom Sun 30-Jun-19 19:52:02

@levans47998.. hi. Only just seen your msg. I'm not the OP. Lord knows where she's gone! So nice to hear from you. I do remember feeling exactly like you when DS was 6 months. I would def advise have another soon! No pressure! Only you see if you leave it as we did it gets harder. They go thru so many the tantrums at 2-3 aren't fun! I think to have two close in age is ideal as i look at DS now and worry so much that he's lonely. He's 5. And we have to play with him almost non-stop! It does my knees in on the floor! Good luck whatever you decide

levans47998 Fri 28-Jun-19 23:59:20

Hi ladies. I’m new to this btw. I currently have a 6month old I’m enjoying motherhood so much that I could have another baby like now 🙈 me and my partner have been together 6 years and we have been mentioning it and questioning ourselves “is it too soon for another little one or not” any of you ladies have children at such a close age. My own baby makes me so broody. I obviously need to think about this I guess helllpp! Thanks

BooseysMom Wed 26-Jun-19 20:34:23


BooseysMom Mon 24-Jun-19 19:25:15

Also sorry i forgot to say try not to let family sway your decision. They are not you and will likely not be there to help unless it suits them as in the first few weeks. In my experience the older DC get the less they have to do with them. Both my mum and mil drove me crazy and were so hurtful when i was ebf and co-sleeping. I almost wish i'd never told them i was preg!
So I always said if i had another i'd do it my own way and stuff what they say! grin

BooseysMom Mon 24-Jun-19 19:20:14

I never thought i'd be ready for DS when i had him i was nearly 41! Sadly we never managed to have another. I'm 47. I think to answer your question you'll either be 100% sure or you'll be undecided and start taking 'risks' ..we did that and got DS! If i was you i'd maybe give yourself a year then see how you feel. If you feel it would be nice to have two close together so they can play and grow up together then go for it! It gets much harder the older you get and you have time on your side. I world def have not dithered around so much if i knew i'd have just one as it's very hard work..esp on my old knees with all the playing on the floor!
Good luck x

FirstTimeMummyDS88 Mon 24-Jun-19 15:38:34

Myself and my DP have a DS who turned 1 a few days ago. We are due to get married in August and I am due my next contraceptive injection 1 week before the wedding. A few nights ago we were having a cuddle on the sofa when DP mentioned maybe I shouldn't get my next injection and we start trying for Baby number 2

I adore being a mum and my DS is the happiest little boy who is a joy to be around. I actually think I'd be happy with just the 1 child but then I don't want to regret this decision later, although I am only 30 so I still have plenty of time I suppose

I have an awful relationship with my partners family so I think that partly puts me off getting pregnant Again as my MIL is so overbearing and interfering

How do you know when your ready for your second baby

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