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In laws

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Helen12aZ1 Sat 27-Apr-19 09:34:50

How often do people allow family or in laws round when there its first grandchild both sides. My son is 15 weeks old.
My in laws want to come round all the time and I just like my own space. My son doesn't sleep a lot day or night so I'm always exhausted and never want company!

BooseysMom Mon 29-Apr-19 16:59:09

Helen12aZ1..omg i truly feel for you! It's such a difficult one to handle. I was so lucky when DS was a baby as they live far enough way to not be too much of a nuisance but even now, 5 years later, I get the third degree from mother and sister in law on everything..they are so high and mighty in the way they advise me and I really feel like screaming "look, just shut the fuck up!" It's not like I even go looking for their advice any more although at first I was v unsure and needed reassurance. Going to them was worse mistake!
I think the only way is to switch the phone off op!
Good luck x

BooseysMom Wed 01-May-19 06:01:28

@Helen12aZ1.. bump

Beckie1987 Thu 23-May-19 22:15:43

Bit of a late comment sorry! If this is still bothering you then I think it's no harm in setting some boundaries. Just say that your exhausted and some days you just don't want to see anyone and it's nothing against them your just need a bit of space

I wish I did this with dd1 my mil was round constantly and got more interfering and controlling (first granchild) but she never knew she was doing my head in until I roared at her when dd1 was about 10 months. In hindsight I shouldn't have bottled it all up and just set boundaries before it got out of hand

Helen12aZ1 Fri 24-May-19 15:32:57

Glad I'm not the only one. They always saying to my partner 'oh I things she has PND' when actually I don't I'm just exhausted like any other mum would be!
Always coming round with new advice or saying I should get him to doctors even though I know what's best for him, just always trying to make me worry more and makes me more anxious!
Managed to put my foot down and get them to back off more.
Thank you all for your advice! 💗

Beckie1987 Fri 24-May-19 19:49:51

It's so frustrating I know I've been there you just don't need it when you've had a baby. You just have to tell yourself that they don't mean it and in their eyes they are trying to help even though it's not helpful at all. But if they are still winding you up try to avoid them for a few weeks and get your husband to take the baby to them for a few weeks. A bit of space won't hurt at all

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