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If you thought you would just have just one child for a long time did you change your mind?

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fortunatepiggy1 Thu 12-Apr-18 08:18:22

And if so how do you feel now?

There are lots of posters struggling with the decision of whether or not to go for a second

Lots of previous posters have also started threads on this.. can you share with us what you decided and how you feel now?

sabrinathethirtysomethingwitch Thu 18-Oct-18 14:17:59

@fortunatepiggy1 hi OP. What did you decide?

fortuntatepiggy1 Sat 27-Oct-18 20:54:32


Time has made the decision for me I fear. I have dithered too long and now it's too late. Dh is not keen.. feels we are too old and age gap too big but I think would be perfectly happy if it did happen....we have half heartedly tried but nothing has happened . I feel better that I have at least tried ( even thought I haven't really) that absolves some responsibility I think!

I am very happy with our perfect family but I will always wonder what if...

MumUnderTheMoon Sun 16-Dec-18 01:37:58

My daughter is almost 12 and I haven't wavered in my decision since I made it when she was one. Before that I thought I might like another and investigated adoption as I didn't want to get pregnant again but in the end I decided that my dd and I were a great wee unit as we were. She's a thoroughly happy only child and doesn't lament the loss of any hypothetical siblings.

MummEE2 Mon 25-Mar-19 10:06:20

I have an 11yo DD and my DS is nearly 5 months old. Huge age gap. My DD pretty much grew up as an only child until I changed my mind and decided I want another one or will forever regret and wonder 'what if'. I'm glad I had another one. My DD is happy she's not the only one anymore and loves having a sibling. It's ok to have just the one but for us it's worked out nicely. I also have to say if I'm honest it's been a completely different experience having my second child. Perhaps it's because I'm older now. I'm enjoying everything more than I did when I was younger and had my DD. And my DD is a fantastic helper

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