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Finding it hard to let go (debilitating broodiness)

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rocknrose1 Mon 19-Mar-18 01:58:58

So I had my daughter when I was 17,the father ended up treating me pretty badly and we went our separate ways after a few years. I always wanted my daughter to have a sibling to grow up with.. shes almost 8 now, I don't know where the time went !

I've sacrificed a lot of time with my daughter over the years trying to establish a career (not easy with childcare issues) Ive put my career plans on hold now.. the last few years has been so hard with so many ups and downs I can't bare the thought of having any unnecessary stress ( we do ok on my part time wage & I think I may have mild PTSD). I wish I could go back and spend all those hrs with my daughter rather than working/studying so much. To make things even worse, about 6 months ago I started getting crazy broody- babies are on my brain 24/7.. its breaking me. Ive been with my partner for almost a year and we are head over heels but its too soon to think about anything serious. I live in a small furnished flat atm because I abandoned everything to get away from my ex when I saw the opportunity so I have to rebuild my home and get furniture all over again too. What did I do to deserve all this?

The real issue I have.. its so hard seeing my daughter grow up so fast and wish that she had someone to share her childhood with. I'm worried that by the time my partner is ready for a baby it would be unfair on her. What do you think to a 10/11/12/13 year age gap ??? Also how do you cope with broodiness ? Its making me depressed I just cry and cry 😭 I spoke to my partner about how I feel and tbh I dont think he understands why I feel like I'm in a rush to have another (next couple of years).. I told him I would let the idea of having a sibling for my daughter go and just see what happens but Im finding it extremely difficult it means the world to me.

BurningGubbins Mon 19-Mar-18 02:37:59

I am the least broody person ever, so can’t help on that front, but I have a 10 year age gap between me and my brother. It’s fine, it’s all we’ve ever known. We both had the benefits of being an only (focused attention etc) as well as the benefits of having a sibling. We weren’t massively close growing up, but still played together and all that. He’s a fabulous young uncle to my children, keeps me up to date with what “young people” are doing and offers excellent tech support grin. I am an alternative source of loans, give careers advice and feed him hot meals...

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