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7 month old evening routines!

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Teddybrags Fri 20-Oct-17 18:11:13

Help? I’m a FTM and having a low point where I’m totally questioning everything I’m doing And it’s it right or wrong. I’m interested what you parents do with your 7mo for an evening routine. Tea time, bath, bed etc? Just so I can compare. confused

coupester Tue 24-Oct-17 13:36:50

Hello Teddy, my DS turns 7 months tomorrow. We tend to do solids around 5, we don’t bath him every day so if it’s bath day we let the solids go down a bit then do bath, if not then depending on how tired he is we might let him go on his playmat for a bit or we might just get him changed for bed straight after the solids.

Then it’s bottle and bed. I read to him as he’s having his bottle.

Does that help?

Teddybrags Wed 25-Oct-17 08:31:34

That’s great. I actually do pretty much the same as you which is such a relief. Thank you for responding. Xx

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