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lilyblossom1201 Mon 24-Apr-17 15:21:47

Looking for quick and easy but healthy homemade tea ideas? We're always eating the same things e.g. Gammon, spag Bol, mince and tatties etc. I love love love my slow cooker so any simple slow cooker recipes sent them my way! Our dd is 2 and loves food so want to give her a wider variety and try new things ourself to. Please send your favourite recipes my way! Thanks 😁

user1496230232 Sun 04-Jun-17 22:11:00

Chick pea and sweet potato mild curry with spinach, I love it!! Sometimes I get my dd in the kitchen and get her to chop some veg with a butter knife which occupies her for ages and then I do stir fry. Also another hint I love love making with her, pitta pizzas we just spread tomato purée on and she chooses what to put on only takes 5 minutes in the oven. Xx

user1496230232 Sun 04-Jun-17 22:11:42

Lol not another hint I meant another thing!!! Sorry

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