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To be worried that our marriage isn't strong enough for another child

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Fortunatepiggy Mon 02-Jan-17 11:22:18

I'm 40 one ds 4. Have been thinking about ttc another for a while but have worried about finances, going back to sleepless nights when things are starting to get easier, putting the final nail in the coffin on my career ( it's been a hard slog to get back close to where I was prior to ds) and all the uncertainties about my age, babies health, miscarriages, multiple births anyway decided over Xmas that I would like to ttc but have not yet discussed it properly with dh. However over xmas he and I have been bickering constantly about all sorts of things who does more, he says I don't appreciate him and we don't communicate very well ( we struggled to cope when ds was little and argued a lot but not in front of him) so I am now worrying that our relationship won't cope with another child

Maybe we should try and get it back on track before we think about another but as I'm 40 I can't really wait.

Has anyone worried about this and it's been ok. I think the problem is the second time around you know how hard it is and I feel that I barely have time for dh now let alone if we throw another into the mix

barefootinkitchen Tue 03-Jan-17 10:38:52

I worried about this too. I felt like once DD was 3/ 4 we were just getting some calm back into our lives . I thought privately that newborn and another child would have caused too much pressure on our relationship. As I was then early 40's we didn't try and life has moved on so it is too late now and we are a happier family of 3.

Clairey122 Wed 04-Jan-17 22:58:59

Thanks barefoot

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