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Having another baby?

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LadyVampire Mon 26-Dec-16 13:17:55

I have one DD, severe hyperemesis throughout pregnancy, straight forward labour.

She has a brother through her dad so she isn't an only child but he is 10 years older and here 2 days a week. If DH works then they can go 2 weeks without seeing eachother.

DH would like another, pref in the next couple of years ut I'm not sure. We are both from big families and love our siblings but whenever I think about having another baby I think "It's great for DD to have a sibling to play with/ school with/ see everyday". But when I think about what I want I feel "I was so ill with HG/ my anxiety was through the roof/ struggled with pregnancy and the newborn stage".

We have a nice lifestyle all of us, adding another child would mean we still have enough just less luxuries and who knows what could happen in the future ie illness or loss of jobs.

3 years before having DD I had a pregnancy that ended at 7 weeks and I had severe hyperemesis then so that scares me.

But DD still has her big brother and will make friends at school. Also I love the idea of just having one so I have quality time with her especially as work is 24/7/365 hours to cover. I could save for her future too.

Don't know if I'd regret not having another and if my fears whilst valid would not last forever.

Imogenblue Fri 30-Dec-16 22:25:17

This may not help much, but I suffered with the same severe hyperemesis throughout my pregnancy too and went on to have a straight forward Labour. This was after the loss of my first pregnancy where I too also suffered with it (although I hoped it was a one time thing).

I understand that you're concerned but I guess you just have to weigh up both sides. Would it affect the quality time and luxuries you have with your daughter now to a point you would not enjoy your second child or would it enhance this as you see her become an older sister? There's a lot to be learnt through having a younger sibling , but then there's also lessons from being one yourself so in that aspect I suppose she isn't losing out. As for the hyperemesis, did you take any medication for this during your pregnancy? I didn't, but I've heard some woman are very glad they did as it helped restore done functionality to their lives (no more rushing to be sick every ten seconds!).

I'm currently debating the same myself so would be interested in seeing what people think.

LadyVampire Sun 22-Jan-17 22:02:46

I had medication during pregnancy and was saying to DH at least it's known I have had it before and what medication works so that if it happened again I guess help would happen quicker than it did in pregnancy with DD (tried different meds, took time to find the right one).

I would have the time for 2 children but am thinknig would DH have tiome for 2 with me and the son he has? His son is 9 so is more independent so it isn't a case of 3 small children and they would still get 1:! time even if we had another.

I think with so much uncertainty with the future it makes us hesitant. We are going to keep the option open ie prepare financially and if we decide not to it;s ok.

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