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School choice dilemma

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Emsicle24 Sun 18-Dec-16 09:30:30

I'm in a dilemma about which school to choose for my son. We've decided to stick with one but we don't have a family that is full of cousins or have friends with kids that we spend lots of time with so his friends at nursery are important to him.

The dilemma is whether we apply to the school that the majority of his friends are likely to go to which is in the same villlage as the nursery or apply to the school in the village we live in. There is no guarantee we will get in either as they are fairly strict church schools and we don't go to church/had him baptised.

The school in the village is catholic and it is a lovely school with a lovely feel about it and within walking distance of the house. However as we are not catholic I'm not sure we'd send him to the high school. DH prefers this school and I've come around to it but I'm worried that I'm taking him away from his friends.

My son has already had a major change of friendship group this year as he just missed going to school and all his very close friends went in September.

Any advice from only ones/ parents with only ones


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