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Separation anxiety (me not child)

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DarkAngel333 Wed 24-Aug-16 11:53:31

Anyone else struggle when family want their child to stay with them? I find it very hard to be away from my DD who is now 4 as I work long hours and get limited time with her in the week and at weekend she wants to spend time with DH as he works away during the week. There have been several occasions I've been bullied into sending her away to stay with DH family who live over 2 hours away and been left at home on my own. Fed up of them acting like I should be happy to be rid of DD as if she's a burden. It's not that I'm worried she'll come to real harm being away from me but my MIL in particular will actively disregard my wishes when it comes to DDs discipline and routine. To top it off if I question anything she does the whole family gangs up on me. I have had issues with depression and anxiety in the past and am wondering if it's just me or if others feel the same way?

tinsheddy Wed 24-Aug-16 16:35:01

the whole family gangs up on me - this seems deeply unfairl OP. You should have the right to express your reasonable concerns!

DarkAngel333 Wed 24-Aug-16 20:31:52

Nothing reasonable about DHs family, MIL wanted DD overnight when she was 8weeks old and EBF! Oh and if I step in when they can't understand what DD is saying ( she has a bit of a speech impediment) then I'm interfering.

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