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Dad is ruining my little girl

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user1466671251 Thu 23-Jun-16 11:53:48

I've been separated and divorced from my daughters father for 7 years. She sees him every weekend which is ok. My problem is if she asks him for something twice he gives it to her. It's not little things either. "Dad can I have a new mobile" "Can we go Longleat" "Can we go to see One Direction". He's even just booked a Disney cruise because she wants to go. I see these things she asks for as a very big treat that have to be earned not just given because she wants it. My daughter has absolutely no manners and never appreciates small treats because she gets what she wants when she wants. Christmas time she ripped the paper off and shouted where is my next present.
She totally controls her Dad and his parents. For example, when travelling in his car she will sit in the front and his parents are made to sit in the back! That would never happen with me and my daughter knows with me her place is in the back no questions asked.
How he let's her behave in his time harms my time with her. I'm totally lost as to what to do. What can I do? This whole situation is making my daughter a spoilt brat confused

HSMMaCM Sun 26-Jun-16 00:56:01

How old is she? She will soon work out what behaviour is appropriate where. I predict some turbulence in her teens, but by the time she reaches her 20s she will understand exactly what has gone on.

You can't really dictate what he does for her, only what you do and how she behaves in your house. It's a tricky one.

KittyLaRoux Sun 26-Jun-16 01:04:34


Sorry. You cannot change or dictate how he parents. You just have to hope that somehow between the two of you she has a balanced upbringing.

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