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Constant pain

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lighthouse17 Mon 25-Apr-16 21:45:56

Hi I have posted here before and I am still having the same thoughts about whether to have another baby but my body has other problems so basically I am in sciatica pain every night combined with lower back pain and nearly ever night I take painkillers to sleep sad I went to see a physiotherapist and doctors and all I have to do is exercise to strengthen my core but I just have no time from full time work and having a child.
I really would like to have another child but I shouldn't be putting my body through another c section and having more problems. Is this a selfish reasons not to have another baby? Would I regret it later and say I wish I just did it anyway?

lozwil Fri 06-May-16 09:45:57

Hi, I have no advice (sorry) but I am in a similar position, I would love another baby but after a mmc in Aug I have had really bad lower back pain which affects my leg sometimes too if I had my way I would be pregnant again by now but I am scared to as I don't want to put my body or family through anymore (I had emergency surgery after mmc and am terrified of I got pregnant what would happen)

I hope whatever you decide it makes you happy, and that ur back improves soon.

I am going to physio 2 and have sheets of exercises to do where they think I am going to fit it in is beyond me lol

lighthouse17 Mon 20-Jun-16 21:49:55

I know what you mean about finding the time for the exercises. I have no time or energy during the week and I am too busy on the weekends with my DD. I wish I was younger as I didn't have any pain than

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