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sorry to complain...3yr old won't play on her own

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SweetheartLittleLove Wed 17-Feb-16 14:51:04

I feel terrible - I don't want my DD (3yrs) to be lonely or feel unloved but my gosh, I am just about losing my mind playing with her all day this half term. I just want her to occupy herself for a short while.

She has no siblings, and we don't know her nursery friends well enough yet to meet up. I took her to a show yesterday with my little nephew but it was quite a trek and today she needs constant attention.

How do parents of an only-child cope for years?! I'm guessing it's easier one they're in school.

TheBitterBoy Wed 17-Feb-16 22:31:41

It gets easier. My DS is nearly 8 and is much better at entertaining himself for reasonable periods of time these days. However he does still want us to play with him, and I don't think this is just the case for only children. I remember desperately wanting to play with my mum and not my younger brother, as we had so little in common and fought all the time. I think a lot of assumptions are made about siblings playing together and being friends for each other.

Mislou Thu 18-Feb-16 10:47:36

Same here, having to do pretend play all the time. Mine is 4 and Its so much easier when another child from kindergarten can come and spend the afternoon with us.They play so nicely and I don't need to join in, just supply the food and drinks. I actually get me time then, and unlike siblings playing together, I've never had to break up squabbles. It gets easier I think.

iPaid Fri 19-Feb-16 20:32:37

I know this half term is over but in the future plonk her in front of CBeeBees for an hour whilst you have a break! It will expand her vocabulary, entertain and educate her, help her develop her powers of concentration grin

lazyminimoo Fri 22-Apr-16 23:48:43

yeap it is boring playin with my son too hes 3 an a half nearly he wouldnt play alone at all for even 1 minute until lately he will for a few mins i have been telling him to go start playing and ill be there in a min lol an i dont come as quickly as i say i will haha and othet times im playing with him but need to go off and he stays playing for a bit alone its been great finally he will play for a few mins without needing me to be next to him like he was so bad at playing alone till recently so i expect he will keep getting better at it ,, but its sweet that he wants me to play alot i think about if i had another child i think i might get sad that he might want to play with his sibling and stop wanting me as i would be replaced by the sibling haha silly me my son says im his best friend

SpiritedLondon Thu 28-Apr-16 11:27:04

My daughter always gets engrossed in an " important" game just as I need her to get her arse in gear. ( and get dressed etc) but otherwise does like to be entertained. It certainly does get better though as they get older. My daughter is just 4 and has only really started to make her own friends at pre school ( rather than the children of people I have met). Thankfully I really like the mother of her best friend and have enjoyed hanging out with the pair of them. Finding something they really enjoy can be the key.... We enjoy art and craft and I am determined to create time where we can sit down together and make stuff. Once she's had that she's much happier to carry on splodging and sticking while I hover around doing my wifely chores!

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