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DH wants number 2 and I just don't know.....what happens next?

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Heatherbell1978 Sun 31-Jan-16 12:27:17

I'm 38 with DS1 of 17 months. DH and I both work demanding jobs, have a comfortable lifestyle and are pretty happy. DS1 is a good boy but didn't sleep well in the early days and I find him tiring now as we're entering tantrum stage...tbh I find motherhood a bit tiring all in all. I'm fit and healthy but a wee bit lazy and like an easier life. Before DS came along the plan was always 2. I had an easy pregnancy and birth and found bf easy so in the early days of DS (and with the help of some hormones I guess), I was all go for having a second at some point.
But now...things are going well at work and I'm interviewing for an exciting career change next week, we're hoping to emigrate to Oz within next couple of years (been on the cards for a while) there are plans afoot and I really can't see baby 2 fitting in with all this.
I want DS to have a sibling but selfishly, there are a lot of things I want too and I don't know if I'm cut out for two children. I've found motherhood harder than I thought. I was always very independent before DH and DS came along and there's a part of me I feel I've lost. DH is fantastic, very hands on dad, so I wouldn't be on my own much with 2 but I just don't care as much as him about it.
Bit torn about it. DH says ultimately it's my choice but 'I know his thoughts about it' .

nameschangerer Sun 31-Jan-16 12:32:25

The early years are so hard and 2 are exhausting. You obviously have a supportive husband who doesn't sound like he will hold it against you if you decide not to have another. That's very positive.

I would have a long hard think about how you would feel in 10 years if your ds was an only child. Sometimes this bothers people, it might not bother you.

Also, the career change thing is exciting but if you're emigrating anyway, are you sure it should impact your decision?

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