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Nine Years of Family Court Proceedings So Far

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Thunderballs Wed 11-Nov-15 18:13:33

it is coming up to my ninth year in the Family Proceedings legal system to get yet another contact order to Father my child.

I didn't get drunk and leave my child to die face down in a rug - he got 32 months.

I am middle-class degree educated, no criminal record, not know to social services (save from this case) and yet the system has failed me and my daughter all this time.

I have never beaten a woman, neglected or harmed a child etc. i am not a drug user or an alcoholic nor do I have or have had any mental health issues.

My daughters mother has broken her 6th Contact Order and wasted nearly £100k in public money via legal Aid. I have had at least 4 CAFCASS officers 3 judges and about 10 magistrates involved.

What do you think the chances are that the judge will send my ex to prison for a few days or even just fine her ?

Do you think this latest CAFCASS Officer that has done a complete 360 degree in her latest report will be retrained or say sorry or even recognise that she was completely and utterly wrong in her assessment that my daughter couldnt resume overnight contact with me ?

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